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Jackie Davies Sound Healer Life Coach musician singer songwriter kirtan artist


With over 15 years of clinical healthcare experience as a teacher and practitioner, Jackie brings grounded presence, compassion and holistic healing into all of her sessions and events.


Jackie holds certifications as a Sound Therapist, Energy Healer, Yoga & Meditation Teacher (Bhakti-Devotional, Nada-Sound, Kundalini, Yin, Restorative, Hatha), Registered Practical Nurse, and Medical Laboratory Technician. Her extensive background includes certifications in Palliative Care Foundations, First Aid & CPR, Advanced Holistic Footcare & Comprehensive Advanced Palliative Care Education.

Beginning her journey in the Healing Arts and Sound Medicine as a Nurse and Clinical Instructor in Palliative - End of Life Care, Jackie found these practices instrumental for easing pain and suffering. She collaborates with families, developing plans of care that incorporate medical and non-medical interventions, and holistic therapies, fostering comfort and peace during life's transitions.

Jackie's diverse career spans pharmaceutical clinical research, laboratory work, and teaching in hospital and academic settings. Working in hospitals with patients on Palliative Care, Surgical, Mental Health and Chronic Illness for 9 years led her to teach the Clinical Nursing Program in Palliative Care at Lambton College for 5 years. Her international travels for workshops and seminars in healthcare topics have led her to locations around the USA and France and underscore her commitment to continuous learning and healing.

Courses with experts like Dr. Joe Dispenza, John Wineland, Kathleen MacKay, and Sandra Walter enrich her holistic approach. Jackie teaches how to use the wisdom of the body to release emotions, repair the nervous system, and decrease anxiety. Her work addresses trauma, past wounds, and guides individuals through physical, spiritual, and energetic shifts, awakening innate healing potential.

The foundation of her work is rooted in the belief that trapped emotions and energy lead to physical dis-ease. Yogic principles, somatic healing, breathwork, creativity, energy work, humor, and sound healing intertwine, serving as gateways to channel divine energy through the body for healing.

Jackie has led group coaching containers, workshops, fostering the integration of healing arts into lives and practices. Hosting Immersive Retreats and sound healing experiences are among her favorite community events.

In private sessions, Jackie offers 1:1 coaching mentorships, sound therapy sessions infused with energy healing and meditation, guiding individuals into expanded consciousness and improved well-being.


Jackie views the human experience from a layered and multidimensional perspective, offering coaching to integrate shifts in mind, body, and spirit.

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