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Post Treatment Guidelines

Here you will find what to expect after an energy and sound healing treatment with guidelines on the best way to care for yourself to continue the healing process.


Energy and Sound Healing is a deep cellular healing experience which may bring on a detoxification and purification response on a physical, emotional or mental level. This is completely normal and necessary as we move through the healing experience. It gets better, I promise!


Multiple sessions are recommend to gain momentum, build new neural pathways and anchor the new templates into this now experience. Your practitioner will recommend a frequency for you, but most often, clients come bi-weekly or weekly for a set period of time. Intentions, goals and progression of healing will be assessed at each visit.

What are the emotional, mental and physical responses to the Energy & Sound Healing purification process?

You may feel tired or experience headache or nausea during the first few days after treatment. This is a normal part of your body's detoxification process. Drink plenty of water, take a salt bath, get rest and eat light, nutritious meals during this time. Reduce or avoid use of computers, cell phones, and TV.

After the session, you may feel that you want to sleep more than usual, and you will probably feel more tired over the next couple of days. You may also experience vivid dreams, but this is only temporary.

You may feel cold or develop flu-like symptoms (runny nose, sneezing, coughing). This is an indication that your body is expelling toxins from your lungs and sinuses. If you have any discomfort, take your normal over the counter or herbal remedies.

During the healing process, avoiding or reducing alcohol, caffeine, salt, sugar and tobacco products is beneficial as these substances inhibit your body's healing process.

If you have dry skin or eczema, you may notice some inflammation or itching during the first few days after treatment. This is normal part of your body's detoxification process and will go away within a few days.

The emotional release process is not always as subtle or gentle. A person can often make an emotional release in a very dramatic way. This is perfectly normal and it is nothing to be alarmed about. Take time to journal your feelings and thoughts, burn it if you need to. Sing, cry, dance, scream and move your body to allow the emotions to flow through you and be released.

When our bodies are exposed to sound and energetic healing, we are able to release blocked energy, old cellular memories, negative emotions, and other blockages that are the cause of illness or disease. Sound healing works on the physical body and subtle bodies (aura). When we are able to release these blockages, there is space for new healthy energy to come in.

When you are undergoing this process it is important to remember that you are releasing old energy that has been held in your cells and tissues for a long time. It is also helpful to remember that these experiences are temporary and will pass in a matter of days depending on the severity of your symptoms.

Once you’ve experienced Sound and Energy healing on a regular basis, you’ll find...

  • The body reaches a parasympathetic state quicker, which is homeostasis or rest and digest. This is because the vibrations from sound healing can have a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system which controls heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate and pupillary response. 

    The sympathetic state, or fight or flight, is often experienced in modern life because people are constantly in a state of stress. This is when the body begins to break down, so it's important to reach a balanced state – that is the parasympathetic state, where healing can occur and all of our systems can repair themselves.

    In this state, the body releases hormones like serotonin and dopamine that help us feel relaxed, happy and at peace. It also boosts our immune function and helps energize our cells.


  • Your breathing slows down and becomes deeper, your heartbeat slows and lowers, metabolic rate slows down, blood pressure drops and blood flow increases.

  • Your immune system strengthens and you're better able to fight off colds and flus.

  • Your organs shift back into alignment with their correct vibrations, helping them to function more efficiently.

  • You feel more relaxed and at ease, reducing stress levels. Sound and energy healing is like a big reset button for your body.

  • The purification process starts as soon as you experience sound and energy healing. It can happen in a few days to months from the time of your first sound healing session. It is an ongoing process that takes place as long as you continue to receive sound healing or meditate with sound.

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