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Death and Transformation

Like the moon, the caterpillar and Mother Earth-We too go through phases.

Embrace and cherish the stages of your life and the cycles of your body. The moon and days are still dark and you too may be hiding away, not allowing the world to see and feel what new beginnings are on the horizon. When the time is right, you will feel that pull to share what you found in the dark, while you were wrapped up under blankets allowing these new understandings to integrate and Allowing the new self to emerge. It’s ok to change, its ok to grieve, it’s perfectly beautiful to evolve.

Themes of death come up around these darker times. Death comes in many forms, maybe it’s someone physically leaving the body and we grieve their loss. Joining together or weeping alone as the heart breaks. Death can also be energetic in nature, all the while still just as powerful, but how often are we allowing the grief of the “non-physical” to be held gently and processed?

Be with your sweet heart and know that just because you may be the only one experiencing a “death”, we are a collective and all understand this feeling of grief and loss. But like the moon, the caterpillar, Mother Earth and all of us humans on it are going through these Life-Death-Life cycles multiple times in our life.

Please Know that you’re never truly alone. place your hands on your heart and breathe, reach out if you need help and always allow yourself to grieve these losses and changes in your personal reality. .

All is well and you will emerge brighter than ever before. And so it is


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