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What is Sound Healing?

Updated: Mar 12

Sound Healing is a form of energy work that utilizes various musical instruments, mantra, song, frequencies, tones, voice and expression to create different vibrations and healing in the body. It works on 2 principles: 1) Different emotions and energy centres vibrate at different levels. 2) Blocked and unbalanced energy and emotions are the main source of dis-ease. During a session, we set intentions for your experience together before you relax deeply into an intuitively guided journey where I incorporate various forms of energy work and sound healing.

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Sound comes in the form of your own voice, as well as, pure tones from instruments, a skilled practitioner, musician or intuitive healer. You are made of energy. Energy is Vibration. Vibration is Sound. Discover the connections between the advanced knowledge our ancestors possessed and the modern science exploring the profound effects sound healing and energy work is having on our world. Many have heard: "At first there was the word," but does that really mean our existence first sprang from sound? Connecting religions, spirituality, origin stories, ancient mystic knowledge, and quantum physics; experts across fields are using sacred geometry and modern science to analyze humanity's universal link with sound.

A Sound Healing treatment can assist by decreasing pain, may improve immune & endocrine function, and decrease stress/anxiety so that you can feel more peace, clarity, connection and freedom in your mind, voice and body.

As sound, frequency, vibration and energy pass through you, it balances your body, mind and spirit by clearing blockages in the energy flow, helping your body to release tension and stress. Some people have a feeling of well-being and rejuvenation after a sound healing session; others may feel like they need to drink water and rest.

Sound healing isn't intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. However, it can be beneficial for many physical conditions, as well as, anxiety and depression, which are often associated with high levels of stress and past trauma.

On the physical level - sound & energy works with the body; it can cleanse the organs of toxins and help to regulate their functions as each has its own frequency. May improve endocrine and immune function. Sound can help to relieve constipation, headaches, throat problems, stomach-aches, and aches in the joints and bones.

On the emotional level - sound & energy work helps to move and release emotions which are stored in the body. Through this process old patterns and behaviors which are no longer serving one’s highest good are released. The release of these emotions allows for a greater flow of energy throughout the body by clearing energy blockages. This flow of energy also strengthens & balances each chakra, bringing about greater emotional stability.

On the mental level - sound & energy work can assist in relieving stress which is often held in the head area, particularly tension headaches or migraines. It also helps to quieten repetitive thought patterns from a busy mind & relaxes one into a meditative state where deep inner silence & stillness is experienced. On a spiritual level - sound can clear negative energies or entities that may be attached to one’s aura or any other part of one’s being. These treatments may alter your senses and nervous system allowing you to connect to your higher self and universal consciousness. When the energy centres are balanced, it has a positive effect on the whole mind, body & spirit. Heal your energy, heal your life.

A sound healing treatment is your vibrational alignment and attunment to the higher frequencies of light & sound, the core essence of what you are.

 Read more about private sound sessions HERE 

If you are wanting to explore these practices on a deeper level and really bring things together through a mentorship container, read more HERE.


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