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The Embodied Living Mentorship of 
Energetic Alignment 

3 or 6 month Package

When you register for this mentorshuip you are signing on for 3 or 6 months of engaged embodiment in your life with dedicated support to help you reach your goals of energetic alignment, healing and real time coaching of what is arising in your life so that you can feel free, open, confident, clear and aligned with your desired path. We will meet every 2 weeks for a live session (1- 1.5hours). During these sessions, we will utilize various energetic tools and communication work to help you reach your goals.

Monthly Live Community  Workshop

Each month you will join the community for a Live Workshop training where we will explore a deep dive on a topic. Participation is encouraged, but a recording will be sent to you within 48hours if you cannot join live.  Past workshops have included:

  • Forgiveness

  • Integrating the Shadow

  • Divine Neutrality

  • Plant Medicine 

  • Rebuilding Intimacy & Trust

  • Expression and 

  • Peace & Presence 

  • Feminine Archetypes

  • Healing the Menstrual Cycle

  • Quantum Healing and Manifestation

  • Reprogramming Subconcious Beliefs

  • Expansion and Love

Consistent Support

Text and email support throughout our mentorship. Questions, breakdowns, and check ins all welcome. Every week you will receive a voice note check in or reminder. 


You will receive 2 ebooks to work through at your own pace.

  • An Ascension Guiidebook

  • The Feminine Cycles & Moon Guide

Yogic and Quantum Healing

Personalized yogic and quantum alinment tools will be taught to you so that you can practice this on the regular, building your connection to manifestation, nervous system regulation and  energy/emotional clearing.

For the practitioner that wants to go deep on the devotional path of love and intimacy, Jackie will lead you deeper inside yourself so that you can embody a higher frequency of love and connect to your body in very expansive states of bliss. Communication and work with relationships (partnerships, family and friends). This option is for people who are partnered or single.

Monthly Audio 

Each month Jackie will record a personalized audio track for your to integrate the teachings and energy work into your subconscious mind. This will be unique for you depending on what you are working on achieving that month.

Open your heart and come on the journey of a lifetime...Activate your true potential!


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