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The Wild & Free Women's Group   



Womb Healing


Jackie Davies

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Are you ready to tap into the magic of your womb?
This program is for you if...
  • Your womb has been screaming at you and nothing seems to be working to heal her.
  • You dread the week before and during your cycle due to horrible PMS symptoms, heavy bleeds, and painful cramps.
  • You experience pain in your low back, hips and pelvis.
  • You have lost your cycle and don't know why.
  • You feel numb, stressed or in pain during intercourse or self pleasure that you'd rather just avoid it.
  • You have suffered from PTSD, sexual trauma, sexual dysfunction, sexual abuse and have difficulty, or can not open up to your beloved.
  • Deep down you know that you are capable of experiencing earth shattering pleasure (in all aspects of your life), but don't understand why its not happening.
  • You go online only to find other women standing their power, full of confidence, connected in their relationships, expressing joy while manifesting their dreams... 
Thinking to yourself....
Thinking of Ideas

"What is she doing that I'm not doing?"

"If only I had the time to feel and look that good."

"My mom had painful menstrual cycles, so I guess its hereditary."

"Isn't PMS normal?"

"I hate getting my period."

"I wish I was creative like that."

"I have no energy for anything."

"I feel so disconnected from my body and intution."

"I wish I was that happy."

 "Maybe my body isn't built for pleasure and accessing my dreams."

"Theres a part of me that is scared to shine like her."

....If this sounds all too familiar, I've been there and I can help you!

All good things are Wild & Free...

Are you ready to get back to your roots?

What can you expect?


We will meet for 1-1.5hrs coaching calls each week for 5 weeks.

--Value $750

Access to the private Facebook group community--a safe space to express yourself and get support with amazing women just like you!

--Value $1200

An accountability Buddy (AKA your Soul Sister) to walk this path with. 

--Value $2000


A vault of Guest Expert Masterclasses to expand your growth.

--Value $1000

A complete shift in your life, womb activation and healing


Book a call today to find out more or sign up and I will share with you my #1 secret tool to healing your womb free of charge! 

Total Value $4950!

For ONLY $197

Sign me up!

Are you ready to feel...?

In tune with your feminine cycle; from menstruation to menopause?

Strong and flexible in your core, pelvis, pelvic floor, low back and hips?

Increased joy, energy, sensitivity, pleasure and creativity through all aspects of your life?

Experience better digestion, regular cycles; decreased bloating & PMS?

Connected to your body and your intuition?

The activation of abundance & manifestation?

We Begin May 8th, 2021

This program is for you if you're ready to...

Deepen your intuition and connection to your body, breath, and Spirit

Break free from resistance and what is holding you back from experiencing joy, pleasure, abundance, love and freedom

Develop intimate connections in your relationships

Increase your health, vitality, energy, creativity and pleasure

Harness the magical and healing potential of your womb

Learn about self-healing, manifestation and a lifestyle that helps you to feel your best & highest self

To lean into community, be supported and experience expansive growth

Heal and strengthen your pelvis, pelvic floor, core and hips

This program is not for you if...

You're not open to new experiences and lifestyles

You've come to realize that your only interested in your experience, not open to other healing modalities and would rather continue down the same path.

You are new to working with your sexual dysfunction

It is a prerequisite that you have spent at least 6 months to actively look at and process what is happening with your body & emotions prior to taking this program. Whether that be with a trained professional or work that you've done on your own. If you would like some resources or additional help, please reach out.

You're not coachable 

Wild & Free is a coaching program. You will be met with challenging questions, given homework and lifestyle adjustments to expand your life, love and health.

You are strictly medical/science based and not open to other healing modalities

I am a Registered Practical Nurse and honour the medical profession, but there is great power and wisdom when we can combine forces to bring a deeper level of healing. I am guided by Yogic philosophy, personal experience and Eastern Medicine to bring this program and experience to you. 

You're happy with your life and don't want to change

Im so happy for you! Congratulations on meeting your goals, especially in overcoming a lot of the topics listed above. Thank you for checking out this page, but this program may not be suitable for you as we will be creating massive shifts in your life by doing deep healing, activations and processing around joy, forgiveness, pleasure and creativity. Please feel free to share with someone you know that would benefit from this program.

Woman, I see you, I feel you, I know you, I am you. 

In this transformational & healing 5- week journey you will experience:
  • Decreased PMS and pain in your pelvis, pelvic floor, low back, hips and uterus 
  • Increased intuition
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased energy, joy, sensitivity and pleasure 
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Take your power back from patriarchal and medical programming to so that you can reclaim the intuitive, healing & divine feminine nature within.
Over the course of this journey, you will expand your creativity, sensitivity & pleasure while learning how to work with your cycle to intentionally manifest & heal, so you can live a life of freedom, joy and pleasure! 
Find out all about the secret tools, practices, props and  knowledge so that you can transform your life!

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