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Trees From Above

Energetic Mastery

Reduce stress, heal emotional triggers, increase self-esteem, improve relationships, spark intuition and manifestation in this 9-Week Live Online Course & Group Coaching

Begins September 14th

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Presented by Jackie Davies
Founder & CEO at True Roots Healing Arts

Jackie has worked in the clinical healthcare field for over 15 years, specializing in Energy Work, Yoga and Holistic Healthcare. She combines keen western medicine skills with an eastern philosophy to bring empowered and inspired healing to her clients and students.

In this course we will cover

Finding the Gift: Healing Core Emotional Wounds

Discover what is holding you back from shining and utilize practices that assist you into a new, higher vibrational state of being.

The Art of Life

Make art of your life and be the magnet for that which you want to create.

Holding Space and Deepening Compassion

Whether you are a holistic practitioner or just a human growing through life, these are key skills to embody in your world.

The Art of Love

Become the embodiment of love, discover your core desire in love and be receptive to surrender into it.

Opening VS Closing an Intimate Moment

learn how to move through habitual closures from trauma responses to break through and open into your truest expression.

Peaking Intuition and Applying the Quantum Theory Model

Open yourself up to your inner guidance system, build trust and communication with it. Learn how to be the creator of your life by applying this model.

How is your vibration and energy on a daily basis?

Do you want to create something new for yourself in life or love, but lack ambition or inspiration?

Do you fear rejection?

Do you struggle with control?

Do you feel broken on the inside? 

Scattered, stressed and afraid of the unknown?

Full of anxiety or lost in a sea of depression?

Have you been tormented by past events or crippling stress that its difficult to say or do what you WANT to experience?

Do you desire for something more in your relationships? A deeper, intimate connection that goes beyond the physical?

Have you had difficulty healing a physical illness?

I've been there...I know how painful it can be to feel "stuck" in certain areas of life. I've held on to relationships, illness, careers, vices and emotions that helped me to feels a false sense of safety and in life.


Discovering what was truly happening INSIDE of me was what changed it all.


From that space, we move...we feel, we heal, we listen, we speak. 

Energy Healing is is a transformation. Energy never dies. It is purified and brought from the shadow into the light.

You were born to SHINE.


It all begins with you. And that sacred energy moving through your body.


Let me teach you how to work with it and hold space for your expansion. When you are supported during this process, true miracles happen.


Find out how healing your energy, relationships and emotions can begin to heal the rest of your life in this 9 week course!

Tools that you can take with you to feel empowered in your everyday life.

Riding the wave

I developed this course after working in Healthcare as a Holistic Coach, Nurse and Reiki Master. This was created for my clients and students, new and previous as a outlet to practice their skills and be supported during the process.


To apply the work the in group setting and to their own personal lives. I created each module specifically with the core issues I see in the clinic and what I have been experiencing coming up energetically in our world. 


My intention is to provide a deeper framework for you to practice with, hold the container for you to go deep into your practice and to ultize the momentum of the group to bring forward profound healing and expansion in your life. 


Group coaching has a tremendous effect on the students progress, this is due to the collective energy of the group to aid in consistency and drive during the course. We witness one-another in their truth, as well as, gain our own self-realizations which closes the gap on illusion we assume far too often in this life.


When we begin the journey of healing--we read the books, take the courses and mentally rehearse events in our lives--However, it is the application process where us humans fall short, hence riding the wave of the group momentum.


In this course, we apply the practices to everyday life. I am guiding you with specfic mind/body exercises and homework assignments to move you through the expansion and evolution. I take you through the transitions you will encounter and answer personal questions to help you gain clairty on your practice. 


Energetic Mastery is a course for all people to connect this work in real life.


To your relationships.


To your emotional triggers.


To your body, mind and spirit.


I want you to feel the fullness of your true self. To live everyday as the most authentic version of you, inspired, creative and surrounded by nurturing relatioships that blossom open your heart in the most poetic ways.


I want you to live a life that dreams are made of.


To create art of your life and love.


Creation takes energy....a higher vibrational energy than that of fear, guilt, anger and shame. 


In this course we are infusing Yoga and Meditation Practices, Energy Work through the Reiki Lineage, along with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ascension Teachings to bring a unified approach to Energetic Mastery in todays modern world.

What's Included

Weekly Sessions

These are live, online zoom calls to join for practice, in the moment coaching, and discussion on practices for you to integrate. Recorded for you to watch later if you can't make it live.

Value $2700

Private Group

This is a space for you to connect with other members of the group and myself. Be seen, supported and find your soul family. We are all walking eachother home.


All recordings and homework assignments will be shared here.

Value $1500

A Quantum Upgrade to Your Life

If you follow my invitations and do the work, a new life that is empowered and inspiring awaits you!

Value... Priceless

Energy Work Embodiment

Develop your practice and feel the shift. Experience a new way of being.


Total Value $4200

Total Investment $697

True Roots Reiki Graduates Receive 30% off


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