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The Flow State

Welcome to the membership! This group is THE place for devoted lovers, leaders and artists to activate and expand their ability to receive.


We welcome in clarity, freedom, devotion, authentic expression and boost our creativity to welcome ease, flow, abundance and love into our lives. 

Things are about to get really amazing! Let's go!

Best Value

The Flow State



Every month

Membership for leaders + lovers devoted to activating their channel for creativity, purpose + love

Valid until canceled

Private group community off social media

Bonus vault of all past programs & courses

Weekly coaching through audio transmissions from Jackie

1 live workshop per month with recording

A group of devoted people rising together... PRICELESS!

Learn to master the art of feminine & masculine energetics

welcome greater ease and flow into your life and body!

Break through limited beliefs and energetic blockages

Blast open your creativity and heart

The Membership

Join Jackie and devoted practitioners from around the world in this powerful, inspiring and supportive community. Stay for 3 months and after that, cancel at anytime. Welcome to the flow.

First workshop begins April 2nd, 2024.

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