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Healing With Sound: A Course To Unlock Your Voice


In this series, you will embark on a journey with your voice and healing energy of sound.


In this course you will develop the tone, resonance and range in your voice through various exercises to prime you for expanding the healing capabilities of your voice through song, mantra, toning and communication.


These practices help you to quiet the mind, relax the body, open your heart and connect to your inner wisdom. Working with sound has the ability to help balance your energy centres, which brings positive health benefits. 



Each class will include;

-Vocal Exercises

-Active Sound Healing Meditations

-Journal Prompts to contemplate between sessions

-Group/Partner Exercises and Discussion

-Kirtan Song (mantra & music)

-Passive Sound Healing Savasana



Do you ever feel intimated to use your voice in your work, song, relationships or in your spiritual practice? 



Do you want to increase your confidence with using your voice and communicating?



Do you feel self-conscious about your voice or are you ready to expand your vocal and communicative abilities?



Are you looking for more practices and experiences to open your heart and voice?



Are you curious about deepening your experience with sound healing for your personal practice, in community or in your work with students and clients?




If you feel called to explore this practice and experience ways to unlock your voice and heart, then I invite you to  join me in this intimate 4-week series.



When: May 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd 

6pm - 7pm

Where: The Raven Heart

Led by: Jackie Davies

Register on the MINDBODY app through The Raven Heart

$100 + hst 

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