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Transformation, Death and Devotion

Updated: Mar 12

When you are moving through the energy of transformation and death, whether that is externally or internally, one thing is for certain...

....The cycle must complete. You must surrender and let go.

Old versions of you no longer resonate here at this frequency and you've been fighting to hold on out of fear of the unknown.

Fear of failure.

Fear of the surrender.

Fear of what feels like death if you let go.

And in many senses a part of you IS dying.

Letting go is a "simple term" we hear all the time. But is it really simple?

To let go of resentments, shame, negative thoughts, patterns or habits that are proven factors to keeping you stuck in a negative feedback loop and feeling sick?

It can be, if you want it to be.

These addiction to feelings and thoughts of pain are keeping you away from experiencing the vast fullness of LOVE, PEACE, BLISS, PLEASURE, ABUNDANCE, JOY & FREEDOM that is your birthright.

All here for you now, when you choose to let it go.

So then why the struggle? If you know that out of this death becomes creation?

the "in-between" stages can be staggering for most, grappling with the the unease you experience in the mind or body, continually perpetuating the feelings or thoughts you think that you have a right to hang on to.

To transform is one the greatest abilities you have as a human being and to transform is to let go and surrender into the unknown.

To relax into the in-between through stillness and empty space.

It is through this empty space, the newness of your reality can come through in the most spectacular ways!

In yoga, we chant to Shiva, the God of transformation and compassion; pure consciousness. With this Divine Masculine energy to hold you, I promise that you can survive the shift and great transformation is upon you. Empty yourself and lay down your armour.

It is through deep love, compassion and devotion that you will transform what is ready to be alchemized.

Surrender. We cannot hate, blame or shame ourselves into transformation. Love is the way.

Om Namah Shivaya

Jackie Davies

Jackie is a compassionate palliative and holistic nurse, dedicated to providing comfort and support to individuals and families during their most vulnerable moments. With a deep passion for holistic healing, Jackie is also a skilled sound therapist and energy healer, using the power of sound vibrations to promote relaxation and overall well-being.

Beyond the realm of healthcare, Jackie is a talented singer/songwriter, weaving heartfelt melodies and soulful lyrics into captivating musical compositions. Additionally, Jackie shares the gift of inner peace as a certified yoga and meditation teacher, guiding others on transformative journeys of self-discovery and mindfulness.

With a diverse background in healthcare, music, and holistic wellness, Jackie is committed to fostering healing, connection and harmony in the lives of others. Read More Here.


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