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Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to True Roots Healing Arts. I am Jackie; a student of life, wellness enthusiast, star gazer, nurse, yoga & reiki practitioner, and musician. Since I was young girl, I knew that I was here to help people feel their best and improve their quality of life. So, like many healers, I found my way into western medicine and wounded relationships which served as teachers and mirrors to my own pain. Eventually, I discovered the nursing profession which was the stepping stone and gateway to discovering my true self and skills. Frightened and in the depths of my own dis-ease and pain, it was much easier to take care of others and focus on them instead, which worked for awhile until I couldn't avoid it any longer.

I found solace caring for the terminally ill and teaching nursing students on the Palliative Care Unit in my hometown. Knowing that even though I wasn't healing them on the level I wanted to, I could still improve their quality of life by opening my heart and caring for them at the end of their journey here on Earth. I learned a lot about letting go of trying to fix everyone and that sometimes pain can be a necessary part of our journey. I learned that sometimes all a person really needs is love and presence. I learned acceptance, grace and how to go with the flow. I learned how to be present during crisis, stand confidently in my skills and when to ask to help. I witnessed some of the most beautiful moments amongst family and friends which will stay with me forever. I thought I had found my place, but as the universe would have it, I was sent away to other units to learn different skills and meet new people that would assist me on my path.

I was growing stronger in many ways and on the outside everything appeared to be perfect, But inside I was raging, afraid and refused to let it out. Pushing it down, hiding it away and avoiding the ones who were close to me, so that they wouldn't see my pain. Deep down my truth was always calling me and I couldn't silence it for another moment. I knew that if I were to ever truly help people heal themselves the way I had always dreamed of, then I would have to take an honest look at myself to begin healing my own wounds.

I continue to serve as a Palliative Care Instructor, teaching nursing students all that I have learned and be involved in patient care, back on the unit where it all started. I began to open up in my personal life to those close to me and work diligently to stay open in the heart space. New teachers and healers came into my life showing me the way, so that I may serve others. The amount of gratitude and pain I have felt in these past couple years is beyond what I could have ever imagined. This was all necessary and looking back now, it feels like it was all a dream. Because after going through it, I am still me, but in ways completely different. As part of my healing, I turned to music, something that was always close to my heart and started a band with friends. This creative outlet gave me the strength, confidence and pure joy I needed to start feeling all the abundance I already had in my life. Its hard to even put into to words the feeling I get when it hits me, when the sound comes in, through my bones and right into every cell of my body, something magical happens inside.

I am in a place in my life now where I feel confident in helping others reach their goals and support them if they are needing assistance. As a teacher and forever student, continuing my education is something I will always do. And as I venture off into the unknown, I invite you to follow me into the woods, to find your True Roots. To open your heart, surrender to the unknown and cultivate the courage -- so that you too, can begin to heal yourSELF in unimaginable ways. I am not here to diagnose or treat. I am here to give you the tools, skills and guidance needed for the next step in your journey, whatever that may be. Thank you for visiting my page, reading my thoughts and a little part of my journey. I am home. I love you all. Namaste.


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