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Be Kind

Today I walked outside my door to find a small note held down by rocks that stated, "Spread kindness like confetti". This made my day because in a world filled with chaos, a simple act of kindness on your doorstep can mean the world to another human being. I am reminded that kindness is contagious, inspiring and uplifting. That we hold the power inside of us all to do great things without expectation and that true giving comes from a place of love. This certain someone took the time out of their day to brighten mine. Without a name, without wanting anything in return--not even a thank you. So pure.

I wonder how often do we give without the expectation of something in return? Or give because we know someone will be giving something to us? That unequivocal feeling of needing to reciprocate even if we financially, emotionally, spiritually or physically cannot. Or we do anyways simply because we feel as though "we have to". We, as humans, do not have to "do" anything to be special or to be worthy to receive. You are perfect and worthy to receive just as you are in this space today. Honour where you are at now. There IS magic in the present moment. What lessons are we learning to aid in the development of our souls purpose?

The economy is crumbling as we speak during the COVID-19 crisis; families who are ill or unable to make mortgage payments, professionals who are changing careers, the millions of people struggling with their mental health, those with lost jobs and small businesses struggling to stay afloat. Healthcare employees risking their lives to flatten the curve and keep us safe. Overworked and scared. All of the essential businesses that have to stay open in order for us to survive. Wondering everyday if today will be the day they become ill and bring this virus home to their families. Now is a time more than ever for genuine kindness to erupt like never before. To remove the guilt of not being able to give back what others are able to do. To remove the judgments. To hold space for others and ourselves-- allowing for us all to receive.

You are worthy to receive all of it. Just as this person gave this simple note on my doorstep-- but this goes deeper than that. There is so much out there for us to receive if only we felt worthy enough. Perhaps it is bringing the mindfulness of knowing that many of people are walking around with the air of unworthiness cloaked around them and by showing kindness we help to unveil that darkness. This begins with showing kindness to ourselves and becoming sovereign to the SELF. Displaying true love and acceptance of who we are and how feel in this moment. Not doing things because we feel as though we "have to" or because we have made agreements prior. All that matters is this perfect now moment. We must ride these changing tides with full acceptance or we are surely to drown in the abyss.

Kind gestures, one by one, we raise the frequency of human race and together rise up in unconditional love.

Thank you to the sweet soul who left this message. It was divine timing indeed.


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