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Water: The Life Giving Force

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

The New Moon is in Cancer today and the Cancer sign is also ruled by the moon. We have known for years that the moon has the ability to shift water on the planet, plus within our cells. So, I would like to talk to you today about water! Did you know humans are made up of 70% water and so is Mother Earth? Coincidence? I think not. To ensure proper hydration and health, we must ensure that we are consuming QUALITY water. We drink around 2.5 Litres a day of water and another 1-2 litres is absorbed through the skin during swimming and bathing. This is so important as water plays a vital role in the functioning of all cellular activity in the body. Another interesting and odd fact is that jellyfish are made up of 99% water and that 1% allows the jellyfish to be seen and function. How cool is that!

Water is ESSENTIAL for all living things and I'm not talking about just any kind of water, I'm talking about pure, clean, filtered and structured water. The question you may ask yourself is, "doesn't the water treatment plants clean our water for us?" The answer is short answer is, "NO". The water treatment plants fill the water with chemicals like Fluoride and Chlorine to kill the bacteria and dirt that has been recycled by our showers, toilets, and sinks, in turn the water appears clean. Not to mention that it is housed in either plastic or metal containing systems, which are leached into the water quality. Don't like the taste of water? I bet you don't, especially if it is full of heavy metals, plastics and chemicals.

Ok, so what does water need to be cleansed and purified to hydrate our cells? Water needs real living materials to breathe life back into each molecule. In habitats where humans have not disrupted the natural flow of Mother Earth, the water runs freely down streams over rocks and waterfalls, oxygenating, alkalizing and re-mineralizing the water. It is filtered by elements of the earth and infused with the fresh oxygenated air. The loving vibrations and sounds of nature harmonize to structure the water in such a way that they crystallize into beautiful geometric structures when examined under a microscope. Simply magical!

Over time, we have lost our connection with Mother Earth and humanity is now suffering that loss. Our water is dead, stagnant and filled with chemicals; far from the natural course Mother intended for her children. When I speak of the sounds and frequencies that harmonize to structure the water, we can see that in studies done by Dr. Emoto and his team as they construct widely fascinating studies on the power of energy towards water (See link below.) If you are still a skeptic, I ask that you please check out Dr. Emoto's work to see for yourself first.

Water is a living substance that is affected by its external reality. Much like us, we are affected by the words and actions of that which is outside. Positive emotions, good intentions and gratitude are some of the BIGGEST superpowers out there to put in your self care toolbox. These practices are extremely amplified during this new moon. Working with the water element will serve you greatly, especially under this watery Cancer Moon.

What can we do to infuse our water with proper minerals, filtration and life giving essence again?

  1. Invest in a quality filtration system like Santevia or Berkey. There are also wonderful filtration devices you can install into your main water pipe at home.

  2. Ditch the plastic and metal for good.

  3. Give thanks and gratitude towards your water (most powerful!)

  4. Play harmonizing frequencies in your home. 432hz is lovely!

  5. Get out into natural bodies of water.

  6. Move out to nature and become one with the elements (sounds easy right? :P)

In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful Cancer Moon Day filled with possibilities for your future. Oh and be kind to each other and to your water ;)

Dr. Emoto's work with Water

Secret of Water Documentary on GAIA TV

GAIA Tv (monthly subscription, one week free trial)


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