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You Are A Work of Art

Create Art everyday. Dance. Sing. Cook. Write. Paint. Doodle. Sketch. Move your body. Breathe. Flow. Allow the feeling to be expressed through your art, through your being, into matter. Allow what your are feeling to be transformed into something beautiful-a work of art and thats simply you, my friend. You are that work of art, unique and inspiring. Why do you keep that all inside? If only we could stop analyzing and comparing our progress to others, how would we create then? If this is how your soul is choosing to express itself, to deny it would be denying your true self. We only get to live in this body, not anyone else's and its about time that we release the control, the judgement and just be. Let the experience integrate into our physical form, vibrating and dancing all over your skin. Feel the expansion throughout every cell in your body, liberate and let go.

We are here to transmute and integrate these emotions, the shadow, the light. By suppression, we create the divide and the war within. We are beginning to see that our thoughts create our reality, so if there is a war waging inside of these bones, how will the external reality begin to look? Lets stop the war. Bring in peace, freedom, unity, compassion and love. We must begin within ourselves first so that our expression may be true and not fed by the hungry monster that lies within (the ego). Collectively we can rise above, old paradigms are dropping away and we are all able to see the light that was once hidden from our views. We are on the cutting edge of healthcare, technology, science and spirituality. Breakthroughs are being made daily and there are people doing the unthinkable, transforming their lives into what was once an unimaginable thought. We are getting smarter as a human race--and boy, is the race on! If you are still living in density, that old 3rd dimension reality, its time to realize that change is here. The "Age of Information" has been solidified since December 2012 and advancements are being made at an alarming rate. We now have a choice to either continue ignoring what is happening inside of us or embrace it fully to integrate and become whole; breaking free from self-limiting beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. Releasing our hold on the negativity, judgement, and separation to truly begin healing.

Come home to yourSELF and the belief that once you can accept who and what you truly are--LIFE opens up. Feel the change. Embrace it. Dance with it. Create art with it. Sing to it. Be with it. Move with it. You are IT. Smiling, because in that moment nothing else could be as true as this and no one could convince you otherwise once you know that truth.

And after that, there's no turning back.

You have heard this before and it will remain true; you have always had the power. Trust your feelings and the precious work of art that you are. It will guide you home.


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